Shoes to Brews

The 3rd Annual Shoes to Brews Aqueduct Run takes place Sunday, November 26th this year!! This is a casual, fun run on a mostly flat route with some road but mainly on non-technical trail. There are 3, 6, 13, 20+, and 30+ mile options depending on where you want to us on the Aqueduct Trail.

For those running 13 miles, we’ll meet at the store at 8:30 am, take the train to Philipse Manor (train leaves at 9 am so please arrive no later than 8:45), run down the Aqueduct Trail to the Yonkers Brewery, have lunch and/or beer(s), then take the train back. You can also meet us at the Philipse Manor train station at 9:20.

If you’d prefer to run a shorter distance, there are meeting points for a 6 mile and 3 mile run (details below). Email for info about the 20+ or 30+ mile options.

Pace will vary from 8 to 11 min/mile. The 13 mile route starts at the Philipse Manor train station and follows roads up a big hill to Sleepy Hollow High School. Once around the school, we’ll follow the Aqueduct Trail to Yonkers.

There are a couple tricky sections on the street in Tarrytown, including crossing 87, but once passed, the trail is very easy to follow. In Yonkers, we’ll follow N Broadway then make a right on Main St to reach the Brewery. This is the 13 mile route:

The 6 mile run begins at the Dobbs Ferry train station. The 3 mile run begins at Greystone train station. A short walk from both brings you to the Aquaduct Trail. Follow the trail to Yonkers, then run on the roads to the Brewery.

This is a no-runner-left-behind event – we’ll have runners who know the route in the front, middle, and rear. That being said, it is a point-to-point route, so please be mindful that there might not be an easy way to abandon the run. If you find yourself alone and/or lost, stop and wait until you find someone who knows the route.

Sign Up Here

This event is free; however, by signing up we can let Yonkers Brewery know roughly how many runners to expect.

Here are train schedules to meet for the 13, 6, and 3 mile runs:

13 mile run:
Meet at Run On Hudson Valley at 8:30 and take the 9:00 train from Croton to Philpse Manor. Meet at the train station at 9:20. Run up Broadway, turn left on Bedford Rd. Run through the High School parking lot, around the school, and onto the Aqueduct Trail.

6 mile run:
The southbound train arrives at Dobbs Ferry at 9:53 am (it leaves Croton at 9:33 am) at 10:21 (leaves Croton at 10:00 am). Meet at the train station. Turn right on Palisades St, walk/run up the hill. Palisades St turns into Walnut St. The Aqueduct trail crosses Walnut St.








3 mile run:
The southbound train arrives at Greystone at 10:27 am (it leaves Croton at 10 am). Meet at the train station. Walk/run up Harriman Drive. Turn left onto Warburton Ave. Turn right on Odell Ave. The Aqueduct trail crosses Odell Ave.








If you’d like to run the 20 mile or 50k route, email me at for details.

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