Huma Energy Gels

Silas Carey
MPF/RNR Trail Racing Team Athlete

The quest for the perfect running nutrition is constant, and the only way to find what truly works best for you is to experiment. With this in mind I am always open to trying new brands and formulations.

Hüma gels are made of all natural ingredients, using a blend of evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, ground chia seeds, sea salt, and pureed fruit to deliver nutrition and electrolytes on par with other gels without all the strange unnatural stuff. This aspect appealed to my inner hippie-runner sensibilities, as athletes we put such effort into leading a healthy and natural lifestyle that it seems counterintuitive to then ingest a gel full of synthetic ingredients and chemicals.

Here are how Hüma gels stack up:

Taste: In a word, delicious! Hüma gels taste just like the fruit they are made from. They are somewhat on the sweeter side, so those that prefer a more savory gel may not be as interested though. I could also see the sweetness becoming slightly unappetizing during a long, hot run or race. In this case I would likely alternate a more savory gel with Hüma’s.

Consistency: I am also a big fan of the consistency. They are thin enough to be easily swallowed on the run without being so watery that they shoot out of the package without warning. The ground chia seeds add a bit of texture without being off-putting or gritty.

Effect: The gels seem to provide even, stable energy without spiking blood sugar. On several long runs I have been very pleased with the nutrition delivered.

Overall I would highly recommend Hüma gels. They are tasty and effective with all-natural ingredients.